Varun Manian In News

A helping hand for R. Praggnanandha

10-year-old R. Praggnanandha is the world's youngest international chess master and holds a record that beats five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand. He will soon be travelling to Russia and Denmark to participate in the international chess tournaments. However, this was a distant dream for young Praggnanandha and his father Ramesh Babu. He was starting to lose hope when Varun Manian, Managing Director of Radiance Realty stepped in as an angel is disguise. Read more

The nation should rally together to build a 'Smart Country'

Varun Manian, Managing Director at Radiance Realty shares his insights about the company and India’s real estate industry in this interview with AsiaBizToday. He believes that despite the rising prices of real estate all over the country, affordable housing will no longer be a far-fetched dream. Read More

Entrepreneurship is just not about making profits

The landscape of Indian business is evolving at the speed of light. The ideologies and principles of the younger generation are more refined and businesses are going beyond the usual mapping defined a decade ago. One who deserves a worthwhile mention on broadening the horizon is Varun Manian.  At a very young age, he managed to not only surge as an entrepreneur but also look out for the welfare of society. Read More

The coming year will be a good time to Invest

Chennai's real estate market is at its peak and it's a favourable time to invest and yield great returns", says Varun Manian, Managing Director at Radiance Realty. In this interview with the Times of India, Chennai edition, he talks about the various factors that have led to this exponential growth. He suggests that luxury projects are no more confined to one or two areas in Chennai but are sprouting up all across the city. Read More